Domain Name Trademark


Domain Name Trademark registration is the most effective way of protecting your website domain name. To avoid a domain name dispute apply for trademark registration immediately after you buy the domain.

Registration of a domain name with an Internet registration authority does not give you any protection or right to use the domain name commercially in Canada.

The right to use a domain name is determined by trademark law in the countries from which that website is accessible.

If a non-resident wishes to register a .CA domain name, filing a Canadian trademark application for that name is one of the qualifying factors considered by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority.


Registration to trademark a domain name usually involves:
  • A preliminary search of existing trade-marks;
  • An application;
  • An examination of your application by the Trade-marks Office;
  • Publishing of the application in the Trade-marks Journal (if approved by the examiner);;
  • Time for opposition (challenges) to the application; and
  • Allowance and registration (if there is no opposition).

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