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Intellectual Property (IP) 101:
If You Build It, You Must Protect It

IP includes your business name and taglines, product & service names and all the “content” you write on the web, in brochures and manuals. Unless you legally protect it with Trademarks and Copyrights others can steal your brand identity and the heart of your business.

We’ll show you the basics of IP protection including patents, and how to know what to protect.

  • What are trademarks and copyrights, what exactly do ™ ® and © mean?
  • Why every small business must consider protecting its IP and what it costs?
  • How to avoid very costly trademark or copyright violations
  • How to know if anyone is in violation of your IP protection
  • Common misunderstandings and the risks of not understanding IP protection
  • Why trademarks, copyrights and patents can be worth so much money if sold

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