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Tax 101:Small Business Tax Tips

This Webinar is for owners, or others who need to know about small business financials and tax in Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships or Corporations.  Tax101 will introduce you to small business bookkeeping, financial statements and taxes.  We cover annual income taxes and regular HST and payroll tax source deductions and remitting to CRA.

We will also explain the differences and potential tax advantages of different registration types. Learn to minimize the taxes you pay, getting ready to prepare your tax return and reducing the worry about a CRA audit.

  • Our 5 Keys To Small Business Tax Savings
  • The best money-saving deductions
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting 101
  • Common misunderstanding about Small business taxes
  • The Do’s and Don’ts Of Business Deductions
  • Tax Advantages Of Corporations vs. Other Small Business Registrations

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