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Corporate Registration and Maintenance
Services for British Columbia Corporations


Business Development Centre provides complete registration services for Corporations in BC.
If you are looking to register a sole-proprietorship or a partnership follow this link.

In order to operate a business in BC you may need the following:
  • Check availability of the proposed business name
  • Request a formal approval of the name. (Approval has to be granted by BC government)
  • File Incorporation documents with BC government
  • Apply for HST number (former GST number)
  • Apply for Payroll Account (if you are planning to have employees)
  • Apply for Import/Export Account (if you are planning to trade with other countries)
  • Apply for WCB Account. This is mandatory if you are going to have employees.
  • Organize your corporate documents with the help of a Corporate Minute Book


All of the above can be easily accomplished with one application form.
See the application form below.


Here is what you get once your application is approved:

  • You will receive an Official Registration Certificate issued by BC government.
  • This certificate will entitle you to operate your Corporation in BC.
  • If you apply for tax accounts (and you should), you will receive documentation directly from appropriate government departments that administer those accounts. We will also provide you with account numbers where applicable.
  • When you select a Professional Package, we will provide a Corporate Minute Book with Corporate Seal and Share Certificates.

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Please note that Business Development Centre cannot provide you with legal advice or representation and will not be acting as your lawyer. The scope of our work is to collect, transmit and file required information with BC government. If you require legal advice, you have to speak with a lawyer.

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