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Today, due to the very competitive business environment, numerous situations exist where you may need to have a corporation that has been in existence for a while. Just for that reason Business Development Centre forms and maintains Federal, BC and Ontario Corporations.

Our Shelf Corporations have the following features:
  • No debts or liabilities
  • Fully organized minute books
  • Up-to-date resolutions
  • All Corporations are in good standing
  • They have never been in default or revoked
  • Annual reports filed with government

What are the benefits of purchasing a shelf corporation?

Business History You get a company with already established history.
Credibility A company with a history is more likely to be selected as a business partner and have more credibility with lenders and suppliers
Business Image Business image always improves with the age of your company.
Bank Loans Banks look favorably upon your company if it has a clean history.
Contracts Bids on contracts often require a company to be of a minimum age.
Government tenders Some government contracts are only available to companies that have been in operation for a certain number of years
Creditworthiness Business credit and financing is easier to obtain for older companies.
Faster Launch Your company is ready to go if you need to begin your business quickly.
Clients Acquisition Clients trust a company that has been in business for a number of years.
Trade Credit It is easier to obtain trade credit from your suppliers when you can show that you have been in business for a number of years.
Prestige Usually, the older the company, the higher it's standing in the business community.


Frequently Asked Questions about Shelf Corporations

What is a shelf corporation?
A shelf corporation is a corporation that has been previously incorporated, but has never been used; therefore it is “sitting on the shelf”. The ownership of the corporation can be transferred to you for your immediate use.

How old are the shelf corporations that you sell?
We sell shelf corporations that are aged between 1 months and 7 years old.

What is the price of the shelf corporation?
The price of shelf corporations rises with the age of the corporation. This is because an older company requires more years of maintenance and possesses greater credibility by virtue of its age. Typical price would be calculated at $75 per each month of existence. Please note that this is just an estimate that applies to corporations over 3 years of age. Young corporations have their price established based on the current demand. In many cases, 1 year old corporation starts from $1,450 and up. Less than 1 year old starts from $995.00 and up.

Do you have any requirements for purchasers of shelf corporations?
Anyone can purchase a shelf company as long as they are Canadian residents, BC shelf corporation can be purchased by a non-resident. Please note that Business Development Centre reserves the right to refuse the sale of any shelf corporation.

Can I change the name of the shelf company?
Yes, this can be easily accomplished. We can complete all the necessary documentation and submit the applications on your behalf.

Contact us to inquire about availability of Federal, BC or Ontario Shelf Corporations.

Or you can view a sample of currently available shelf corporations here.

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