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Government Tax Accounts in Canada

Pick your province from the list below to view applicable government tax accounts that you can apply for on this website.




British Columbia




New Brunswick

   Newfoundland and Labrador  

Northwest Territories


Nova Scotia






Prince Edward Island



  • For all government accounts in Quebec, please contact a local government office. We currently do not offer registration in Quebec.




Description of the accounts:

Business Number Account
This account provides you with a federal identification number for tax purposes.

GST/HST Account
GST/HST registration is required when you generate over $30,000 in annual sales.
Payroll Account
Payroll registration is required when you have employees.
Import/Export Account
Import/Export registration is required when you are planning to import or export goods to or from Canada.
PST Account
Provincial Sales Tax registration is required in some provinces when you sell most types of products.
WCB Account
Registration with the Worker's compensation Board is required if you have employees.
EHT Account
Registration for Employer Health Tax account is required in Ontario if you have more than $600,000 in annual payroll.



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