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Logo trademarks are examined based on their artistic elements, and the layout of the image. When your mark is under examination, it will be compared to other existing logos from both registered trademarks and trademark applications. If there are too many artistic similarities to an existing mark with comparable wares and services, you may not be able to register your logo without some revisions.
It is possible to have text in your logo trademark, but that text will not be explicitly protected and could result in a conflict if that text is trademarked in association with similar wares and services. For protecting text you need a word/phrase trademark.

Do not include the trademark symbol, "TM" or registered trademark symbol, ® in your logo. These are not permitted.

Logo Requirements:

  • Greyscale, 16 Shades of Grey (Black and White)
  • Image file should end in .TIF or .TIFF (This refers to the type, or format, of the image file.)
  • File size should be less than 1 MB
  • Image density should be set at 300 DPI

The image resolution does not matter. As long as the file meets the above requirements, it should be fine.

Don't know how to change the format of your logo?
If you are unable to reformat your logo to meet these specifications, we can have it done for you, but a service fee of $35.00 + tax applies. You may provide a file in .BMP, .JPG, .TIF/.TIFF, DOC or .PDF format. There are some other file types that we can support but please ask before sending any type not listed.

After placing an order for a logo trademark, please email a copy of the logo to


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