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Business Development Centre has been registering Not-for-profit and Charitable corporations for over 15 years. We provide a one-stop solution to get your organization up and running.

Our website contains significant amount of information related to Not-for-profit and Charitable corporations. Feel free to browse the topics.

Once you are ready to register your organization, we would be happy to assist you with the entire process.

Information listed below is mostly applicable to Ontario corporations. If you wish to register a Federal Not-for-profit corporation, please contact our HelpDesk for further instructions.

  What is a Not-for-profit Corporation?
  Should I Incorporate?
  How to choose my corporate name?
  Incorporation Process
  How to organize records and get ready to start-up
  Maintaining corporate records
  What is a Charity Corporation?
  View our Incorporation Packages
  View cost of incorporating a Not-for-Profit / Charity Corporation
  Order your Incorporation Online
  View other corporate services here.
  Draft Standard Objects Clauses for Non-Profit Non-Charitable Corporations
  Athletics and Sports
  Business / Professional Groups
  Pre-approved object clauses for Incorporating a Charity
  Religious Organizations
  Religious Schools
  Services for Senior Citizens
  International Development
  Assistance for the Sexually/Physically Abused
  Relief of Poverty
  Programs for Physically or Mentally Disabled
  Promotion of Health
  Substance Abuse
  Preservation of the Environment
  The Arts
  Community Centers, Immigrant Services, Literacy and Employment Training
  Low Cost Housing


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