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Saskatchewan Name Approval Process


Order Name Reservation for Saskatchewan Business or Corporation ($79.00)
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The first step in business registration or incorporation is the approval of the business name. This process combines the name search and approval. The approval of any name is at the discretion of the Registrar of Companies.

Business Name is not Protected
Please note, registration of a firm name does not provide any protection for that name and does not mean that the name will be available if you decide to incorporate a company using this name. Sole proprietorship and partnership names cannot use any form of corporate designation, for example Limited, Ltd., Inc., Corporation.

Three Name Choices
It is recommended that you submit three business name choices, in order of preference, for each name approval. Your first choice for a name may be approved, if available, and held for a period of 90 calendar days. Once approved, you will be assigned a Name Reservation number to be used in the business registration process.

Renewal of Name Reservation
Any renewal of the reservation period requires payment of another reservation fee. Your second and third choices are not examined unless the initial choice of name is not available. Regardless of whether your three choices are all examined or not, the full fee is charged.

Use of a Name
Until your company is incorporated, or your Sole Proprietorship or Partnership is registered, you should not invest any money on the name, e.g.: signs, printing, advertising. The name is only on reserve and can be cancelled prior to Incorporation or registration. It is important to know that business names registered as proprietorship/general partnership do not have the same protection as corporate names. A corporation may be registered under the same name as a business – but a business name won't be accepted if it can be confused with a corporate name.

Order Name Reservation for Saskatchewan Business or Corporation ($79.00)
Order Preliminary NUANS search - (3 names for $15*)



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