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Start a Business and Register a Corporation
in Canada as a Non-Resident

Business Development Centre provides a variety of services for individuals and corporations that have Non-Resident status in Canada.

These services include:

  • Business Registration
  • Business Incorporation
  • Trademark Registration
  • Registered Address in Canada
  • Mail Receiving and Forwarding Services
  • Telephone and Fax Services
  • Complete Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Tax Preparation and Filing for Individuals and Corporations
  • Investment Planning with Capital Preservation
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Business Development Centre allows you to establish presence in Canada for business purposes or for future immigration purposes.

How to register

If you have relatives or partners who are Canadian residents and live in Canada, you have many options. As long as one of them is willing to act as your director, you can easily register a corporation in the province where your director resides.

However, if you do not have any Canadian directors, your choices are limited. In the past, you had to partner up with another person in order to do business in Canada. This was complicated, risky, and caused many difficulties.

Now Business Development Centre has a solution for you.

What our specialist created is a 100% risk free solution where you keep the entire control of your business. No need for partners or directors. You can act as the sole director and shareholder of the business.

Here are the benefits:

  • You become the owner of a formal Canadian legal entity
  • You keep 100% of control and decision making responsibility
  • You can be the only person in the corporation acting as director, president, secretary, treasure and shareholder of the corporation
  • There are no requirements for minimum authorized capital ($100.00 would be sufficient)
  • There are no restrictions on issued capital
  • You can receive mail in Canada and forward it to anywhere in the world
  • You can have Canadian email address, business website and own Dot CA domain name
  • You can have a Canadian telephone and fax service

We also assist our clients with managing the business from the accounting and tax point of view.


Cost of registration - All fees are in Canadian dollars.

    OUR FEE:  
$ 475.00
British Columbia
Non-Resident Corporation
  BC Government Filing Fee:  
$ 351.68
    Corporate Documents  
$ 29.90
    BC Name Search  
$ 59.95
    Minute Book, Seal, Shares  
$ 159.00
    Courier Fees  
$ 15.00
$ 615.53
    HST Tax:
$ 96.05
$ 1,186.58
    Delivery cost to be calculated based on the destination.    
Additional Important Options        
Registered Corporate Address  

Basic Registered Corporate Address
Allows to receive and forward regular mail.
(Postage, transaction fees and taxes are extra)

  $ 349.00 / year
  All-Inclusive Registered Corporate Address
Allows to receive and forward regular mail.
Receive and forward courier packages
Email notification
Scan and email content of the envelope
Secure shredding of mail
Long-term storage of mail

(Postage, transaction fees and taxes are extra)
  $ 499.00 / year
Government Tax Accounts        
  Federal Business Number   $ 99.00
  GST/HST Account   $ 99.00
  Payroll Account   $ 99.00
  Import/Export Account   $ 99.00
    Canadian Email Address   $ 99.00 / year
Canadian Email/Website   Canadian Domain Name   $ 49.00 / year
    Canadian Website   $ 480.00 / year

Canadian Telephone and
Fax Service

  Canadian Telephone Service / Voice Mail   $ 480.00 / year
  Canadian Fax Service   $ 480.00 / year
  Get both services at a discount   $ 675.00 / year
Business Maintenance Services   Annual Government Information Report    
  Annual Corporate Tax Report   $ 995.00 / year
  Annual Tax Accounts Reports    
Accounting and Bookkeeping   Accounting and Bookkeeping services are available upon request. Price is based on the number of records to be reviewed. We offer hourly or package rates.   From $49.00 per hour or from
$225 per month.


Many other services are available to our clients. If you have unique requirements, please contact us with full details. We can provide you with a firm quote once we know your requirements.


We accept payments made by Western Union, Wire Transfer and Certified Bank Draft. Under certain conditions we may accept credit cards. Please note that bank drafts take 15 to 25 days to clear, so other payment methods would be much faster.

Once we receive your order, we will contact you to confirm all the options you select and the total cost. Upon receipt of payment, we will proceed with registration and activation of required tax accounts. Registration documents will be delivered to you once they become available.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or use this form to ask us a question.





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