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We have been preparing tax returns for over 15 years. What that means is that we have seen and done pretty much all kinds of tax returns. Whatever your situation, we can definitely help.

Professionally Prepared Income Tax Returns
Up to 10 years back.

If you did not file a tax return for any year between 2003 and 2013 we would be happy to prepare the tax return and request a refund for you.

Also, if you have any doubts about your already filed tax return we can easily check
your tax return to make sure that it was prepared correctly and for your benefit.
Most of the time we are able to request additional refunds for you due to missing
deductions and other errors.

Keep in mind that E-FILE AND CASH BACK are your best solution to getting
your refund quickly. With e-file you can get your refund in 2 weeks.

The most popular tax returns we do:

Social Assistance Recipients   from $ 29.95*
Students   from $ 29.95*
Retired   from $ 29.95*
Employed   from $ 49.95*
Rental Income   from $ 89.95*
Non-residents   from $ 99.95*
Investment Income   from $ 59.95*
Self-employed   from $ 99.00*
Business Income   from $ 159.00*
Please make sure that you prepare all required information.
To see what is required please click here.

* The above fee includes preparation of your tax return based on up to 5 tax slips.
If you have more than 5 tax slips an additional $1 charge per slip will apply.
This rule applies to personal tax returns only. Applicable taxes are extra.


Why should you do your taxes with us?

  • Your tax returns are professionally prepared in our accounting office.
  • We offer a year-round accounting & tax support.
  • We use all available methods for minimizing your taxes*
  • We guarantee maximum legally possible refund*
  • E-file service is available* (get your refunds in 2 weeks)

Do you want to know what to write off? What documents to prepare?
Click on the appropriate link bellow for more detailed information:

List of Items to prepare:    
Personal Income Tax   from $29.95
Business Income Tax   from $99.00
Corporate Income Tax   from $350.00 for inactive
from $650.00 for active

Points of Interest:



Personal Tax Rates - 2013
Tax Rate
Tax Rate
0 - $11,038
0 - $9,574
$10,528 - $43,561
$9,575 - $39,723
$43,562 - $87,123
$39,724 - $79,448
$87,124 - $135,054
$79,449 - $509,000
over $135,055
$509,001 +

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