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1. Order Preliminary NUANS search -(3 names for $15*)
2. Order NUANS search for New Brunswick Corporation ($39.95*)

What is a NUANS® Search System?

NUANS name search is a computerized search system that compares a proposed corporate name or trade-mark with databases of existing corporate bodies and trade-marks. This comparison determines the similarity that exists between the proposed name or mark and existing names in the database, and produces a listing of names that are found to be most similar.

Why do I need a NUANS Search?

Corporate name search report is required in order to register:
1. Provincial or Federal Corporation
2. Non-profit organization or a Charity
3. Register a Trademark

NUANS name search is necessary to incorporate your business in Alberta, Ontario or Canada. Requesting NUANS search online takes only a few minutes. Your NUANS report is usually ready within 2-3 business hours. Your NUANS search report will show what specific corporate names that sound similar to your proposed name are already registered. And it will show you if you can use the proposed corporate name. If the name already exists then you will have to do NUANS name search again. That is why we recommend doing a preliminary business name search before actual NUANS search. That gives you an opportunity to search for up to 3 business names at a much lower price.

Why would I do a NUANS name search when
I can do preliminary name search for less?

There is a reason why you need to do NUANS name search. Nuans search is required by law in order to register a corporation in Ontario or Canada. After the name search has been done the NUANS search report gives you the right to reserve the corporate business name you selected for 90 days, unless the same name already exists. That means no one will be able to register the same corporate business name before 90 days expire.

Order NUANS search and Incorporate Business Online

To help you save time and money you can go through the whole business incorporation process online, including NUANS search and business incorporation. The entire process is as simple as completion of one form. If you would prefer to receive personal assistance or to order by fax please see our contact information below.

To order NUANS search and incorporate you business right away without leaving the comfort of you home or office please follow the steps:

We can e-mail, mail or courier the report to you.

1. Order Preliminary NUANS search -(3 names for $15*)
2. Order NUANS search for New Brunswick Corporations($39.95*)

* Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.



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