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Frequently Asked Questions about Mailbox service


Who usually uses the Mailbox service?

  • Home-based businesses
  • Mail-order companies
  • Frequent travelers
  • Foreign businesses
  • Staff working abroad
  • Personal ad respondents
  • Individuals who wish to keep their home address confidential

Can I use several different names for my mailbox?
Yes, you can. Y must provide proper identification for each individual and proper registration document for each business. We charge a small fee to add an additional name to your account.

Can I change my forwarding address?
Yes, you can. To do this, you must send us your new forwarding address by e-mail or mail at least 15 days before you want the change of address to be made. We charge a small fee to change your forwarding address.

Who has access to Mailbox records?
We are required to provide the details of your file only in the event of a formal inquiry made by Law Enforcement Officials or Government Representatives. In many cases an actual court subpoena is required before we can give up information that concerns you.

How do I sign up?

  • Complete the Application Form
  • Fill out each section of the form, following each step.
  • Read and accept the Mailbox Rental Agreement.
  • If you pay by credit card, we will forward to you a special form so you can authorize the payment. We will need a photocopy of your credit card (both sides) to prevent fraudulent use.
  • Make a clear photocopy of your two (2) pieces of valid identification.
  • Upon receipt of your complete application, we will confirm your new mailing address.

What will my address look like?

In Canada:
Your Name or Company Name
800 Steeles Ave. W. Unit XXXXX
Thornhill, ON. L4J 7L2

What designations can I use other than "Unit"?
You can use "Suite #".

How long will it take to set up a mailing address?
For Canadian mailing addresses it takes one business day after receiving all documents and full payment.

Which ID do I have to provide to rent a mailbox?
Every individual who wishes to obtain a mailbox service needs to provide a copy of two forms of valid identification, one of which shall include a photograph. For example:

  • Passport
  • Valid Driver's License
  • University ID Card

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