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Please list all expenses that apply to your business. If you have other expenses, not listed here, please add them to the list. If your business registered for GST, separate the GST amount from the expenses and write it beside each line

Please print and complete this form before visiting our office.

Please make sure to provide "Notice of Assessment" & copy of your last year Income Tax Return

1.   Automobile Expenses (if more than one car, list expenses separately for each vehicle):
A   _____________ Car (Year of Purchase and Price)
B   _____________ Annual Car Mileage
C   _____________ Annual Auto Insurance Premiums
D   _____________ Auto Registration, Driver's License Renewal
E   _____________ License Plate Sticker
F   _____________ Gasoline Purchases
G   _____________ Auto Repairs and Maintenance
H   _____________ Car Rentals
I   _____________ Annual Car Leasing Charges
J   _____________ Annual Auto Financing (Interest) Charges
K   _____________ Parking, incl. Monthly Charges
L   _____________ Auto Club Membership (CAA, etc.)
    Business Fees
2.   _____________ Lawyer's Fees (business related)
3.   _____________ Fees Paid to an Accountant, Notary, Paralegal and / or Translator
    Capital Expenses
4.   _____________ Office Furniture: Bookcases, Light Fixtures, Desk/Table and Chairs.
5.   _____________ P.C. Hardware, incl. Upgrades (over $100 ea.) (Purchase Price and Year)
6.   _____________ P.C. Software, Computer Diskettes, Mouse, Cables
7.   _____________ Telephone, Fax, Answering Machine (Purchase Price and Year)
8.   _____________ Cellular Telephone and/or Pager (Purchase Price and Year)
    Interest Expenses
9.   _____________ Credit Card Annual Fees and Interest
10.   _____________ Banking Charges and Fees, incl. Monthly Services
11.   _____________ Business Loan Interest Paid
12.   _____________ Mortgage Interest Paid
    Office Expenses
13.   _____________ Office Rent
14.   _____________ Mail Box/Safety Deposit Box Rental Fees
15.   _____________ Courier, Parcels, Postage Stamps, Registered Mail
16.   _____________ Stationery : Pens, Pencils, Paper, Calculator, Office Supplies
17.   _____________ Books, Newspapers and Magazines (Single Copies and Subscriptions)
    Promotions & Gifts
18.   _____________ Local Meals: Restaurant, Cafe, Bar
19.   _____________ Entertainment (Movie, Theatre, Exhibition, Sports Game, Concert Tickets)
20.   _____________ Liqueur, Tobacco, Cigarette Cartons, Pipes
21.   _____________ Art and Craft Gifts
22.   _____________ Rent paid throughout the year/Name of Landlord (You must have receipts)
23.   _____________ Annual Property Taxes (Final Bill)
24.   _____________ Total Area of Apartment/House in sq. ft. or sq. m.
25.   _____________ Utilities: Hydro____, Water_______, Consumers Gas ______)
26.   _____________ Home/Business Insurance
27.   _____________ Home/Business Maintenance and Repairs, incl. Monthly Fees
28.   _____________ Paper Towels, Napkins, Cleansers, Garbage Bags, Rubber Gloves
29.   _____________ Tools, Supplies, Materials and Samples (Canadian Tire, Hardware receipts)
    Telephone Expenses
30.   _____________ Annual Internet Subscription
31.   _____________ Long Distance Calls: North America ______, Overseas _____
32.   _____________ Telephone (Bell) business line
33.   _____________ Cellular Phone and/or Pager Service (Rogers, Bell Mobility, etc.)
    Travel Expenses
34.   _____________ Air/Sea/Land Transportation Tickets, Hotel/ Motel, Visas and Passports
35.   _____________ Foreign Countries Meals, Entertainment and Gifts
36.   _____________ TTC Tickets/Tokens/Metropass Purchase Receipts, Taxi/Limousine Fare
    Other Business Expenses
37.   _____________ Advertising and Business Cards
38.   _____________ Photo Developing/Printing, Film & Albums
39.   _____________ Flowers and Plants
40.   _____________ Maintenance and Repairs of P.C., Electronics, Phone Equipment
41.   _____________ Membership and License Fees: Professional _____
42.   _____________ Debts You Can Not Collect (NSF Cheque, Notarized IOU Notes, etc.)
43.   _____________ Value of the Ending Inventory
    Other Personal Expenses
44.   _____________ Charitable Donations (You must have receipts)
45.   _____________ Day Care / Child care (You must have receipts)
46.   _____________ College / University fees (You must have receipts)
47.   _____________ Medical Bills (dentist, medication, hospital). (You must have receipts)
48.   _____________ Moving Expenses (if you moved more than 40 km. to start a new job)

Please include any other documents that could be relevant to the preparation of the tax return.



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