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Copyright Registration in Canada


What is a copyright?
Simply put, a copyright prohibits others from copying your work without your permission.

Original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work such as books, plays, songs, paintings, safety instructions, Web pages, how-to manuals and a prospectus are all copyrighted.

Top 4 reasons to register your Copyright:
1. Registering a Copyright will create a public record showing you as the owner.
2. Registered Copyright will become the evidence you need to prove your ownership.
3. You can license your work and charge fees for the use of your work.
4. Protection is the ultimate reason for registering Copyright.

Order a free guide to Copyrights 
to learn more about protecting your Intellectual Property. The guide will arrive via e-mail in several chapters. You should receive the first chapter shortly.This guide will allow you to have a better understanding of Copyright process.

Privacy Policy: Business Development Centre does not sell, rent or disclose names or information to any third party. We protect all records in accordance with strict requirements imposed by the Canadian government.

All information will be provided free of charge and delivered via e-mail
in several chapters, one chapter per day.


However, if you can't wait to learn about Copyrights in Canada, you can order
the entire Guide to Copyrights and download it right now for $9.95 plus tax.




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We make it easy to register your Copyright. For a fee starting from only $50 (plus tax and government fees), we will prepare and submit all required documents to the appropriate agency for registration. The process usually takes 4-6 weeks. Once you receive your Copyright registration you will know that your work is protected.

The easiest way to register your Copyright is online. Simply complete the application and we will do the rest.

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