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Basic corporate profile search

The Corporation Profile Report displays current information on the public record for the subject corporation. All active directors and officers are listed. Some historical information, such as amalgamating corporations, where the subject corporation is an amalgamation, and name history are included in the report.
Cost: $58 plus tax


Full corporate profile search includes:

  • Basic corporate profile search
  • Corporate Document List and
  • Corporate Business Names List

Cost: $65.00 plus tax.

Corporate Document List

Corporate Document List identifies all documents filed by the corporation on or after June 27, 1992. The list includes the filing date for each document.

Corporate Business Names List

The List of Current Business Names Registered by a Corporation sets out all business names registered or renewed by the corporation within the last five years.

The business name, Business Identification Number (BIN), registration date and expiry date are included on this report. Please note, both active and inactive (canceled) business names are listed.

If more information is required on the business name, such as status of the registration, business address, activity, etc., please order a Business Names Report.

*Taxes and disbursements are extra, where applicable.

This service is provided by our associates at the Documental™ Search House.
Please visit them at for complete details.

To order now, follow this link: Corporate Profile Search in Ontario




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