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Title Search in Ontario


A Title Search is the first thing you should do when considering to buy a piece of property. A Title Search can uncover hidden truths about the property. Title Search results can show liens or mortgages registered on title of the property in question.

Who orders Title Searches?

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Tax Sale Investors
  • Lawyers and Paralegals
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Mortgage Investors
  • Private Investigators
  • Private Individuals researching a particular property

Why should you do a Title Search?

  • To confirm the ownership of a property or land
  • To check if there are any outstanding mortgages
  • To check if there are any liens registered on title
  • To research previous owners
  • To do due diligence before buying a property
  • Finding hidden assets in case of litigation or divorce

What can you get with a Title Search?

  • Name of the property owner
  • List of mortgages registered on title
  • List of liens
  • Tax lien information
  • Writ of Execution
  • Current and previous sales, transfers, etc...
  • Any other documents registered on title

We can also search the registry to check if an individual owns real estate in Ontario. This is useful for finding hidden assets in case of litigation or divorce.

We also search title for litigation research, process serving, skip tracing and searches of an investigative nature.

There are two types of searches in Ontario:

1. Electronic Searches.
Any property that is registered in the electronic database would be available for electronic searching. Most properties in large cities are available for electronic searching. This is the easiest and quickest method of obtaining a Title Search.

2. Manual Searches.
There are still many properties that are not available for electronic searching. Many properties in small townships in Northern Ontario may not be available. However, the list is always changing.

When a manual search is processed, an agent must physically go to a local Land Registry office to perform the manual search. This is the most expensive and time consuming method for Title Searching. Unfortunately, this would be the only way of performing a Title Search for an unlisted property.

In most cases, we can perform a Title Search if you have one of the following in the order of preference:

1. You have a PIN number (Property Identification Number)
This would be the quickest, most accurate and least expensive search.
This type of search is ready within 3 business hours.
Please do not confuse the tax roll number with PIN number.
Here is a sample of a PIN number: 61360-0169 (LT)

2. You have the exact municipal address.
Not all properties in the electronic database are linked to the municipal address.
If your property is listed under the municipal address, your search will be quick and inexpensive. You only need to pay our search fee and disbursements*.

If your property is not linked to the municipal address, we would not be able to perform an electronic search. We may try alternative methods, but they do result in time delay and additional costs.

3. You have the Owner Name and the City.
If you know the exact spelling of the owner's name and the city, we can get the search results within a few hours.

4. You have the Legal Description.
Searches by legal description are not always successful. If results cannot be obtained immediately, your search will be delayed and incur additional costs.

Approximate cost of Title Searches:

If the property is available for electronic searching, the costs would be as follows:

Title Search fee - $35.00
Document retrieval fee - $10.00
Disbursements in Toronto - $20.00
Disbursements outside Toronto - $30.00
Disbursements per page - $4.00

Total cost depends entirely on your requirements.

Taxes are extra where applicable.

Most electronic searches range between $70 and $95 in total. The total price depends on the number of documents and pages you request.

Most manual searches range between $100 and $200 due to the cost of disbursements.

We always recommend that you specify your maximum budget if you request all documents.

When in doubt, please call our customer service department at the numbers listed below.


To order now, follow this link: Title Search in Ontario



This search determines whether a person, corporation or other legal entity has a Writ of Execution filed against them which affects all lands owned by such person, corporation or other legal entity within the jurisdiction of the Sheriff's office and/or the land titles office wherein such writs are filed.

If you are buying real estate, you must do a Writ of Execution search for the current owner of the property. This is the only way to insure that there are no outstanding judgments that may affect the land.

Writ of Execution search  - $35.00

Plus Disbursements.

Taxes are extra where applicable.


This service is provided by our associates at the Documental™ Search House.
Please visit them at for complete details.

To order now, follow this link: Title Search in Ontario




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