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Step-By-Step Business Start-up Guide

Spend 3 minutes and get a detailed guide for all the steps you need to take to properly organize your business. This is a free service from the Business Development Centre.

Please do not skip any questions, as the guide will be based on your answers.



1. In what province are you starting your business?      *
2. Will you operate from home or have a separate business location?     Home based business     *
Retail store   
3. Will you operate under your own name or have an actual business name?     Operate under my own name     *
Operate under a business name   
4. When are you planning to start your business?     Right away      *
Within a week    
Within one month     
Just doing my research 
5. Will you import or export any goods?     Yes     No    *
6. Will you hire any employees?      Yes     No    *
7. What is the nature of your business activities?          *
8. Do you know the difference between various business structures, like Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporations?     Yes     *
Need Advice
9. How will you operate the business?     As a Sole Proprietorship      *
As a Partnership     
As a Corporation
Need Advice
10. Do you have a Logo, Company Slogan, Unique Business Name or a Product Name that you want to protect and have exclusive use?     Logo        * 
  Company Slogan
Unique Business Name      
Product Name 
All of the above
  None of the above
11. Do you know how to protect your Logo, Slogan or Name?       Yes     *
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12. Do you have any manuals, books, artwork that you would like to protect with a copyright?       Yes     *
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13. Are you concerned about using your home address as the business address due to junk mail, deliveries, visits from customers, privacy, etc...?     Yes     *
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14. Are you planning to have a website for your business?     Yes     No    *
15. Have you reserved your website domain name?     Yes     No    *
16. Do you have an accountant you can trust?     Yes     No    *
17. Do you know how to organize your books in order to comply with various reporting requirements and tax filing?     Yes     *
Need Advice
18. Do you know how to use your home and business expenses to reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay?     Yes     *
Need Advice
19. Do you know about insurance requirements as they would apply to your business?     Yes     No    *
20. Are you planning to accept Credit Cards?     Yes     No    *
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  Last Name        *
  Telephone   (optional)
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