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You'd be surprised how many people have a mailbox.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a single, reliable address for all your mail and packages? An address that offers privacy and security. Your Mailbox in Toronto becomes your Alternate Address. Discover the convenience of our mailboxes and more at the Business Development Centre.

We have more than 14 years of experience serving the needs of international travelers, overseas companies, local businesspeople, and individuals who require a private prestigious address in Canada's largest and most vibrant city.

Mail Forwarding
Mail Forwarding Service is provided for customers who have rented a mailbox. It is more or less a necessity for most customers, except for those who live in the local area and are able to pick up their mail personally. This service will forward your accumulated mail to a destination of your choice - most likely your residence, your vacation spot, or alternate local address. You simply tell us how often to forward your mail and we do the rest.

All your mail will be placed in one envelope or a package and delivered to you using your preferred method. You can choose from regular mail delivery, ground courier or an overnight FedEx shipment.

We do require a minimum deposit to cover mail-forwarding costs. The deposit and the mail forwarding fees may be increased depending on the volume of mail received and the frequency of mail to be redirected. During the rental period, funds that are not used for redirecting your mail will be reimbursed. In this case, a money order will be mailed to you, along with a detailed statement of account.

Re-mailing services
Re-mailing services are becoming very popular worldwide. If you need to send a postcard, mail or any other correspondence from Canada while you are out of the country, we can easily assist you with this task. For a nominal fee we will prepare and mail whatever correspondence you require and record the mailing date for your reference.

All you have to do is to prepare your postcards, letters or payments the way you normally would and seal all envelopes, but do not put stamps on them. We will place the required postage on all envelopes.

Your items will be placed in the mail the same day they arrive at our office, with the postmark "Toronto, ON, Canada".

Mail Receipt Notification – Free of charge
We will notify you when any correspondence arrives. Notification is done via e-mail or telephone (for local calls).

Call-in service. – Free of charge
You can call our office during business hours to check if you have any mail.

COD Deliveries – Free of charge
Once you make appropriate arrangements and provide the required payment we will accept and safely store COD deliveries.

Fax Receiving
For a nominal fee we can accept faxes on your behalf and forward them to you by mail or fax.

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