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How much does
small business insurance cost?





Yes, you need insurance protection for your small business
Getting the right insurance for your small business
How much does small business insurance cost?
What is product liability insurance, and why do you need it?



Some small business owners might think that business insurance is an added cost that they simply can’t afford. But’s it’s more affordable than you think. TruShield Insurance offers small business policies from as little as $42.00 per month.  
Choosing the proper coverage, provider and deductible amount for your business can make a big difference in your monthly premiums. Getting the right type of coverage means tailoring a policy to your unique business needs to ensure it provides adequate liability protection, plus coverage for your property, employees, bottom line and company vehicles.

And that starts with a few questions, because every business is different.

What does your business do? Do you provide a specialized service or consult? Do you sell products in a store or online? Maybe you work with your hands to build, install or fix things? The industry you operate in will be a deciding factor in what kind of insurance coverage you need, and how much it will cost. For example, if you’re a consultant and/or you store sensitive client information, you may want to consider cyber risk and data breach coverage. However, if you’re a retail shop owner, this coverage may not be as important.

What about products and services? The types of products you sell, and/or services you provide, and the size of your business all contribute to how much your insurance will cost. There are no averages because policies can vary greatly from business to business, and industry to industry.

How much is your business worth? When answering, consider all costs and assets including the building you operate out of, any inventory you may have, equipment you use, vehicles you operate regularly, and more. Your insurance coverage needs to match the current value and operations of your business. This can vary dramatically from industry to industry. If you’re a graphic designer, other than your computer, you may not have any tools or equipment requiring coverage. Whereas contractors will likely have a lot of expensive tools and equipment that they need covered in the event of a loss.

What about risks? You need to consider the specific risks involved with your business. The risks faced by a bakery owner will be significantly different than those faced each day by an electrician or accountant. A great number of factors can affect the level of risk involved with your business. Location for example: if your business is located in a city with a high crime rate, your premiums may be higher to reflect that risk.

TruShield understands that for small business owners, every penny counts - especially when you’re just starting out. But not having proper insurance coverage for your small business could be its downfall.
And remember: the smaller your business, the worse the implications of a loss.

What kind of coverage do you need for your small business and how much will that cost? Visit TruShield’s online estimator, answer a few online questions and you’ll have your estimate in just minutes. Or if you prefer, call 1.844.285.6910 toll-free to speak with a TruShield small business specialist.

About TruShield.

TruShield Insurance is proud to work with Business Development Centre, who shares in our support of Canadian start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. TruShield offers insurance solutions to help protect businesses from risks they may face today, tomorrow, or down the road. For more information, call a TruShield Advisor toll-free: 1.844.285.6910 or visit





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